This week I completed the Association for Software Testing’s “Black Box Software Testing — Foundations” course. (That’s a mouthful and a half.) I’d intended to weigh its merits beside those of the ISTQB’s “Foundations” course, but this is going to be a straight review instead, occasionally using the other for contrast. First Impressions Initially I found the […]

Here’s an announcement from the people at Moodle to think about: I’m pleased to announce that we now have a Moodle 2..5 QA test pass rate of 100%, all ready for the upcoming release! Many thanks to all our QA testers, as listed in the Testing credits, who made it through the list of over 400 tests […]

I was meant to begin the Association for Software Testing’s “Foundations” course this week. I applied and paid some time ago, but never did receive the information I needed to begin my online course. I should have followed up earlier… but I waited, assuming it would come. Woops. The course has been running since the 21st now, […]

Alberta universities are in crisis. The provincial budget hit us across the board for approximately 7%, and they’ve announced layoffs here. That affects me in ways that it wouldn’t usually. While I’ve been at the Athabasca University I’ve also dabbled in academic research, and participated in all different kinds of operational and governance committees, from […]

Just a quick update. I’ve been really occupied with my personal life, and there’s been a lot of workplace drama here to keep me distracted. Alberta is in the midst of interesting times for post secondary, and we’re seeing huge budget cuts, a transition to online learning, and high executive turnover here. This isn’t a […]

I’m speaking at CAST 2013! Living 150 km from the nearest urban center, things can start to feel really isolated here. I started this blog, my twitter account, and all the rest to try to battle the isolation of a small team in a remote location. Conferences are an important way for me to stay […]

I live in the country, and we’re not on a municipal water system. Instead, we have a 2500 gallon cistern, and I fill it with water that I haul myself in a 3/4 ton Chevy. What the hell does that have to do with testing? The truck is only ten years old. Practically a baby […]