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Nymwars: Explaining the Resistance to Real Name Policies in Social Media

This essay was originally written for the Comp 607 course at Athabasca University, as part of the IT Management Diploma.  It is reproduced here relatively faithfully. Abstract The last ten years have seen the growth of social networking online. The focus of this paper is on three sites: Twitter, G+, and Facebook. Of the three, […]

Rebuilding the unit, moving to ITIL, and lots of change.

It’s been a while. Before Christmas my supervisor moved from testing to the project management world, and her responsibilities began to trickle in on me. Right now I’m doing her job, and my own, which makes me the only person doing any full time test work at the university. (For dozens of developers and multiple […]

News from nowhere, and CAST Live (2013)

The Association for Software Testing posted the video of me taken from Cast Live. I haven’t watched it yet, so hopefully it’s not embarrassing. I recall being exhausted, and I recall it being a lot of fun. There are other videos up as well, by other presenters, and I’m excited to see the ones I […]

Advocating and defending test process. Baby steps.

This is a small chunk of a document that I’m working on editing. It’s a fairly innocuous corner, but although I’m not prohibited from sharing this stuff I don’t want to do anything that’ll make anyone look bad or be awkward. It’s chosen for being vague and non-identifiable. With that said… this is a look […]

Some ambiguity about measurable results.

The metrics debate is well tread ground. I’m considering a recent post by Pradeep Soundararajan on measuring test coverage. It’s a clever response, but I don’t think it’s perfect. What is? It made me think about something I’ve been noticing a lot lately. I really, really, like measurable, testable claims. I’m taking a course through my […]

The talk I should have presented to CAST 2013

Madison, Wisconsin. CAST 2013 has come to an end. The conference has been nothing short of brilliant. It’s impossible to ignore that the enthusiasm that the participants brought with them. The speakers and crowd interacted with contagious energy. Clever, courageous, beautiful people came together to share ideas on a schedule that left little time for […]

Gearing up for CAST2013, and looking to the horizon.

A lot of my spare time since completing my Black Box Software Testing Foundations course has been geared toward preparing for CAST 2013. It’s interesting how preparing a presentation forces you to scrutinize your own routines and ideas. There are a few things that I strongly believe in doing, but am not actively doing. Luckily […]