News from nowhere, and CAST Live (2013)

The Association for Software Testing posted the video of me taken from Cast Live. I haven’t watched it yet, so hopefully it’s not embarrassing. I recall being exhausted, and I recall it being a lot of fun. There are other videos up as well, by other presenters, and I’m excited to see the ones I missed.

CAST in general was a ton of fun, and I’m planning to come back in 2014 one way or another. Highly recommended.

Back at home, the word from the new CIO is that our number one priority is hiring more testers. There’s some good news. Apparently we’re understaffed and overburdened. (Who knew!) According to the org. chart from our staff meeting, that could mean four hires over the next… year or two? It would be a fantastic start, and it’s exciting news.

There’s the bright and sunny future, from a dark, cold place in northern Alberta.


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