Gearing up for CAST2013, and looking to the horizon.

A lot of my spare time since completing my Black Box Software Testing Foundations course has been geared toward preparing for CAST 2013. It’s interesting how preparing a presentation forces you to scrutinize your own routines and ideas. There are a few things that I strongly believe in doing, but am not actively doing. Luckily there are also some things that I do very well.

There won’t be any major updates here until after CAST, at which point I hope to come back and discuss my experiences there. That will be in early September.

At roughly the same time I’ll be beginning a  Post Baccalaureate Diploma in IT Management, through my home institution, Athabasca University. It’s a four course grad program, and I already have one course under my belt. I’ll be starting with Organizational Behaviour. If that informs my thoughts on testing, I’ll discuss it here as well. (It probably will.)

A few more things I’m considering:

-Hopefully helping out with future BBST Foundations courses.

-Writing a proposal for the “Let’s Test” conference.

At some point between this I have to juggle volunteer fire fighting, starting up karate again in the fall (helping teach kids there now too!), keeping my life together, and actually going to do work and doing the job I’m paid for.  Oh right, and I was going to build a chicken coop. The list goes on, but you don’t care, I’ll spare the grisly details.

Now you know why I don’t update more. But we’re getting there. Expect another update in early September.


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