100% unsinkable, all tests passed.

Here’s an announcement from the people at Moodle to think about:

I’m pleased to announce that we now have a Moodle 2..5 QA test pass rate of 100%, all ready for the upcoming release!

Many thanks to all our QA testers, as listed in the Testing credits, who made it through the list of over 400 tests quicker than ever!

I can see why someone would think 100% was a good mark on a test, it’s always appealing. I have to do a lot of certification for emergency services, I have an MA in History, and have done plenty of courses for QA and technical skills… I’ve done a LOT of tests. At this point, knowing what I know, I look at 100% and ask, “why was that test so easy? What is it really showing?”

If I were the people at Moodle, I’d be asking myself where the bugs are in their software and why their test matrix missed every single one of them. I don’t mean that as a shot against Moodle or the people doing the testing there, but I DO intend it as a criticism. To me, a 100% pass rate on a test matrix means that it’s time to start building a new test matrix. The job of testing is to find bugs, and Moodle has announced that their tests found none. As a user of Moodle I find that worrying… as a tester that’s had experience working with Moodle and other educational software, I find it even more worrying. Instead of asking “Is the Titanic 100% unsinkable,” someone should have asked, “Okay, what CAN sink this ship?”


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